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art_journaling in my_art_studio

MoFo Day 12: And so, she drew . . .

It's been a rough couple of days, so I decided to draw this morning. My first thought was to create angry art in order to purge what's been going on. Then, I decided against that and felt something more tranquil would work better . . .

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Yes, it's my comfort tree again. I do this kind of art whenever my mind is full of too many other things. It's like free writing in my paper journal before working on a larger project. I free draw this type of work in order to break me into other works later on. I still plan to create another set of 4x4's or ACEOs today or tomorrow. That idea isn't completely gone.


That is


Re: That is

::smiles:: Thank you very much!

I remember this from mofo...

Your comfort tree is very soothing and calming. You capture the archetype of resting under a tree with it, and it's neat that you draw it on days that you're angry.

Hehe, I got steamed at LJ today over the keywords fill-ins feature, one too many times I had to retype the same keyword repeatedly to get it in before the software turned it into the wrong word just because they share a few letters at the front. I sent a note to the support team, hopefully they'll actually think about it and put some way to disable that feature on the post entry page or on Preferences.

If that feature bugs you, drop them a note too. Maybe they're more likely to fix things if more than one member complains...

Re: I remember this from mofo...

Thank you! :)
Very delicate and tender drawing! Such dreamy mood!
Successes to you!
Thank you very much! :-)
This is absolutely beautiful! I love it!! ;)